Criminal law attempts to prevent and resolve harm to individuals and society. Conversely, Immigration law regulates who may enter and reside in the United States and who must leave the country. Courts have commonly observed and referenced the relationships between immigration law and foreign policy. Many areas of law focus on resolving conflicts and regulating relationships between individuals and Criminal law. Immigration law, seeks to regulate the relationship between the government and the Individual. The increased vigilance of the U.S. to prevent entry or to remove non-citizens is cause for competent evaluation of Crimes and criminal charges upon immigration status. The Flores Law Firm will evaluate the complex convergence of criminal law and immigration consequences.

Serious Immigration Consequences for Convictions If you are not a citizen of the United States, a criminal conviction or criminal charge can have serious consequences on your legal status in this country.

Experienced immigration and criminal defense lawyers with the knowledge and understanding of the court system will advise you on the effect of crime on your immigration status.

Our law firm helps people who are currently facing charges and people who have already been convicted or plead guilty to crimes in state court.

  • If you are facing criminal charges: We can advise you about whether and how a conviction will affect your status in the United States and help you minimize the consequences.
  • If you have already been convicted of a crime: We can advise you about whether a conviction will affect you, seek to withdraw your guilty plea or take other steps to assist you.

In addition to having a deep understanding of the court system and criminal defense, our crimmigration lawyers understand the issues faced by noncitizens. We can help you with many kinds of legal problems.

Don’t let a criminal conviction jeopardize your current or future legal status in the United States.